About Us

We have been in business here for 20 years We carry Nightcrawlers,Waxworms,Minnows,Chicken Livers, Shad,Power Baits,Crawdads,and Leeches. I carry Sonny's catfish bait at one of the lowest prices around. We have tools from screwdrivers to

Generators to Table Saws,Drills,Flashlights

Camping goods such as: Coleman,Grills,Propane,Camping Lights,

Spot Lights,Tents,Sleeping Bags

We have full line of Fishing Tackle,Combo's, Poles,Reels,Hooks,Sinkers,Bobbers,All kinds of Nets. We have one of the largest Knives and Sword collections around all at reasonable prices.

Just arrived are new Air soft rifles and Pistols, prices range from 3.50 to 12.99.

       We also Sharpen Chain Saw Chains

for only 4.50 each 319-454-6320

Location:Right next door to St.Johns Catholic Church

Bait Shop is in the Alley

107 West Street N.W.

Blairstown, IA 52209


Mon - Fri: 8 AM - 6:00 PM

Sat. 8-1:00

Sun: 8-1PM

This is just one of our knife cases, we have 3 more cases full of all types of knives, and all at more than reasonable prices.